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Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m Gem, the designer-maker behind Snug Creations, where I sell my hand knitted accessories & yarn-based home décor both through my online shop here and on Etsy.

I blog about cosy living for modern mums to help them enjoy life’s simple pleasures because in a world that moves so fast, it’s nice just to slow down, create memories, enjoy the company of family and friends and cherish the good times.

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  1. Want to know more about which newborn photography style is right for you?

    If you are reading this then (maybe) congratulations - you are expecting a baby! Or perhaps you have recently become a parent and you are hoping to book a professional photographer to capture those special memories of your new addition to the family.

    But what style of photography should you go for?

  2. The Growing Trend of Newborn Photography
    You can’t help but notice that more and more new parents are opting to capture photographic memories of their newborn babies in those precious first days in a professional studio. No longer is this something accessible only to wealthy young families and celebrities - there are options available for almost all budgets.

    image of a baby girl posed in a newborn photography shoot

  3. After starting the blog recently with such gusto, it’s been rather neglected in the last few weeks (hopefully I can now get back on track with it again). There’s a very good reason for that though because I have been incredibly busy going through the process of becoming compliant. This is a complex, but important safety measure, which was a lot of work, and VERY time consuming, but I’m delighted to say now that all my children’s products are now fully compliant.


  4. Flash Fiver Friday offer - hurry, today only!

    Just a quick blog update today. Thought it would be nice to have a special offer at the end of the month, so for today only (until midnight) all of my bow Alice bands are reduced to just £5. You can choose from 9 colours and 2 widths. Regular price for narrow is £5.45 and wide is £5.95. You don't need a code.

  5. Why do so many new parents book newborn photoshoots?

    More and more new parents are choosing to book professional photoshoots with newborn photographers to capture those very early moments in their baby’s life that they can treasure for decades to come. Of course you are going to be taking plenty of your own photos, but unless you are very handy with a camera, hiring a professional can be a great idea. They will be able to offer you beautifully lit, well edited images of your baby from different angles and shot in different ways that you won't be able to do safely yourself. They will be happy to work with you in a calm, relaxed and friendly way to create photos in the style that you desire that you will love.

    image of a newborn baby posed in a basket for newborn photography

  6. Summer’s here at long last – how are you going to keep everyone cool in the hot weather?

    As predicted when I wrote about the danger signs and symptoms of babies overheating earlier in the week, the heatwave here in the UK seems to be over! BUT, as we have literally just passed the Summer Solstice this week, I’m sure (at least I hope) that there will plenty of hot sunny days coming our way.

    And what comes hand-in-hand with long, hot, sunny days? Yep. Cranky kids! (and quite a few cranky adults, too!)

     So, I’ve scoured the internet for you, to bring you the best, EASIEST tips for keeping cool, all here in one place. 

    image of different ways to keep cool in a heatwave