Producs Meet CPSC Safety Requirements

I am registered as a small business manufacturer on US federal databases and all of the children's and babies' products available at Snug Creations meet CPSC Safety Requirements. This means that all materials used in the production of my products meet specific safety requirements. Read this blog post for more detailed information.

Baby and Child Safety

Your family's safety is of paramount importance. Many Snug products include design features such as buttons, ties, pom-poms and tassels that could present hazards if babies and children are left wearing them unsupervised. All these elements are securely attached at the time of production. Never allow infants to suck or chew on pom-poms or tassels as strands of yarn could become dislodged. Products designed and described as newborn photography props are intended purely for use during photography sessions, not everyday wear.


If you suffer from allergies to wool fibres, there are some great alternatives: merino wool and alpaca are hypoallergenic as are cotton and synthetic yarns. I don't design any products using synthetic/acrylic yarn, apart from some home decor items, but am always happy to find a suitable substitute yarn for you if you would like one of my products knitted in a yarn that suits your skin.