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The Rise of Professional Newborn Photography Shoots

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The Growing Trend of Newborn Photography
You can’t help but notice that more and more new parents are opting to capture photographic memories of their newborn babies in those precious first days in a professional studio. No longer is this something accessible only to wealthy young families and celebrities - there are options available for almost all budgets.

image of a baby girl posed in a newborn photography shoot

Booking professional photo shoots for newborns is far from a new phenomena - artfully staged or more natural posed baby photography has been around for ages - I’m sure you’ll recall the pioneering work of Anne Geddes, whose work was famously published in beautiful calendars, greeting cards, posters and glossy coffee table books. These artful and ridiculously cute books sold around 19 millions copies worldwide! Anne Geddes’ work was known for featuring the babies in incredibly creative and imaginative settings, such as dressing them as flowers in little flower pots or as little peas in pea pods.

image of 3 Anne Geddes photographs of newborn babies in sweet posed photographs


Newborn Photography Now
No doubt the images of Anne Geddes were the inspiration for the growing trend of creative newborn photography, with more photographers beginning their careers all the time.

As more join the industry, the more competitive it is becoming, so photographers need plenty of fresh ideas and original spins on themes in order to keep their customers. Now that it has become more of an art form, photographers need to be trained and have plenty of experience to safely position newborns in the sweet poses we now see in photos, which have names like, ‘frog pose’ or ‘froggie’(which you can see being prepared in the video below), which is one of the most popular and ‘taco pose’. - Photography of tiny people has come a long way from the pop-up photographers in Boots and Mothercare stores in shopping centres and takes place in more comfortable and private surroundings.

No longer is it out of reach for families to get their very own baby sessions booked. You can have your own photography sessions featuring your baby in a unique work of art – and it can be surprisingly affordable. - The perfect way to capture the beauty of a newborn in a timeless heirloom. If you want to book newborn photography, you usually need to book well before your due date - many photographers recommend booking towards the start of your second trimester. If you search google for local baby photographers, you are likely to find that there is a wide choice available to you, so take the time to look at portfolios on photographers websites to see if you like their style. Consider whether you want a staged session with props, or a more natural, minimal style then write a list of question that you’d like to ask before you commit to booking a session. I’ll be writing a blog post soon with a list of helpful questions that you might want to ask and factors that you might want to take into consideration.

To finish with, it must be said that this type of newborn photography is not for everyone - so I thought I’d add some ‘alternative’ images for good measure! Enjoy…

SAFETY NOTE: Don’t attempt these poses yourself – newborn photographers are highly trained and experienced. A lot of these images are photoshopped and attempting at home could cause serious injury.


Coming up…in this series of blog posts around the topic of newborn photography I will be writing about topics like: trends in newborn photography; how to choose the perfect newborn photographer for you; ideas for photos that you can create (safely) at home yourself; the secrets behind those cute poses and hopefully an interview with a newborn photographer. If there’s something you’d like me to cover – be sure to leave a message in the comments!



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