Yarn Guide and Care Instructions

How to wash your knitted accessories & The benefits of natural wools and yarns         

When selecting yarns for Snug products I source beautiful, natural yarns, not only for their beauty, but also for their properties. This page gives you a little bit of information about the yarns used, their properties and benefits and also how to wash and care for products made with each yarn type. It is important not to machine wash certain yarns as this can cause significant shrinkage, distortion and felting. Although some Snug Creations products are knitted with machine washable yarns, hand washing is preferable.

Pure wool - properties and how to wash it

Pure wool

Don't be fooled into thinking all wool garments are scratchy and itchy! The 100% pure wool that I have selected for many of my hat designs is incredibly soft and fluffy. The fibre itself is untreated, so it hasn't been exposed to chemical treatment before being dyed and this emphasises the yarn fibres' natural properties. It is a loosely spun, super chunky yarn with excellent insulating properties, making it a perfect choice for winter garments. Wool absorbs, retains and releases moisture without affecting its insulating ability which is why it is great to wear – it keeps you warm but dry.

Care instructions

Hand Wash only - max 30°C / Dry Flat / Do not tumble dry/ Do not bleach. This yarn will shrink and felt if machine washed.

The wonderfibre, merino wool - properties and how to wash it

Merino wool

Merino yarn is exceptionally soft and fine and creates beautifully defined stitch patterns. It is hypoallergenic, making it an ideal choice for garments for babies, children and people with sensitive skin and allergies. Known as nature's 'wonder fibre', merino yarn is stretchy, static resistant, extremely breathable and reacts to changes in body temperature meaning that it keeps you warms when the weather is cold and cool when its hot. Items knitted with merino yarn are unbeatably comfortable and to top it all off, it's easy to care for too: machine washable; crease resistant; odour resistant and stain resistant. This yarn is a winning choice all round!

Care instructions

Machine wash on gentle cycle 40°C / Don’t use fabric softener / Dry Flat / Do not tumble dry/ Do not bleach.

Warm wool/alpaca blend yarn - properties and how to wash it

Wool/alpaca blend yarn

This combination of fibres creates a durable yet soft knitted fabric. It is extremely insulating because the already thermal properties of wool are enhanced by the alpaca fibers, which contain hollow pockets, therefore retaining even more warmth - a great choice for cup cosies! Alpaca fibres are fine and soft and add a lovely texture to items knitted with it.

Care instructions

Hand Wash, max 30°C / Dry Flat/ Do not tumble dry/ Do not bleach. This yarn will shrink and felt if machine washed. 

luxurious 100% Egyptian cotton - properties and how to wash it

100% Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is the finest long cotton fibre available. It is silky and lustrous with a very luxurious feel. Fabric knitted with this yarn has a very defined stitch pattern and is extremely strong and durable. Egyptian cotton items are lightweight and highly breathable, leading to less sweat and making them perfect for summer items.

Care instructions

Machine washable on gentle cycle 40°C or hand wash / Dry Flat/ Do not tumble dry/ Do not bleach

mohair-silk blend yarn - properties and how to wash it

Mohair/kid silk blend yarn

This yarn is simply delicious - like a big fluffy cloud! It is an incredibly soft, lustrous and delicate feather-like blend of mohair super kid and kid-silk fibres, which creates fabrics with a gorgeous fluffy haze over the surface. Its delicate beauty lends itself perfectly to props and accessories for newborn photography shoots as well as sophisticated summer shawls and scarfs.

Care instructions

Hand Wash, max 30°C / Dry Flat/ Do not tumble dry/ Do not bleach

boucle alpaca/wool blend yarn -  properties and how to wash it

Bouclé alpaca/wool blend yarn

This gorgeous bouclé (curly) yarn adds a beautiful texture to knitted garments. Customers are always telling me how they cannot believe how incredibly soft it is. Each strand has little loops creating a texture that makes this a wonderful yarn for creating items like my baby bear hats. It's lightweight yet insulating and very comfortable to wear.

Care instructions

Hand Wash, max 30°C / Dry Flat / Do not tumble dry/ Do not bleach. This yarn will shrink and felt if machine washed

Hand washing your items

I highly recommend purchasing a special wool wash, such a 'Soak', which is a rinse-free formulation that is perfect for washing knits and ensure that the delicate, natural fibres look great. It's a gentle formulation which is eco-friendly and cleans beautifully. There's a lovely range of scents as well as unfragranced - perfect if you have sensitive skin. Click here to find stockists. Also available from Amazon.

It's usually best to wash each item separately, unless they are similar colours, because cleansers can pull excess dye from knitted items (don't worry about this - it won't harm the item).

How to hand wash your knitted accessories...

  1. Mix a solution of cleanser and water at the appropriate temperature in a bowl.
  2. Immerse the item.
  3. Leave it soak for 15 mins. Don't be tempted to swish the item around or agitate it, as this can cause the fibres to knit together and felt.
  4. Pour the water out.
  5. Gently squeeze out as much water as you can. DO NOT wring, twist or lift the item letting the weight of water stretch it out.
  6. Roll it in a clean towel, pressing the water out. (If your washing machine has a very gentle spin cycle setting, you can spin the excess water out.
  7. Place the item on a dry towel and reshape the item, stretching it back into shape if necessary (this is a process known as blocking).
  8. Leave it to air dry in a place with good air circulation, flipping over to dry evenly as necessary.

If you have any questions at all about washing and looking after your knitted items - do get in touch! I am more than happy to help.